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Origin Story…

Pronounced “Hell Yeah Dude!”(said really really fast)

ellyeahdehd finally came together in late 2015. Daren(drums) and I had jammed off an on for years, but we never found a steady singer/guitarist. I’d known Adam(singer/guitar) for years, I knew he could play guitar, but had no idea he could sing. One night, at a party, I heard Adam sing for the first time. It was jaw dropping, he had the full attention of everyone in the room, he’s a natural performer. My mind was blown and I knew we had to start a band. Below is actual video I took that night.

Adam and I met up to jam a little while after that. We were working out a few songs in my living room and a fucking bat flew out of the ceiling. After a lot of screaming, the little bat made its way out the front door. That was an obvious sign that we NEEDED to start this band. We jammed at Daren’s studio the following week and we’ve been making music ever since.


Musical Style

Our extremely different musical backgrounds have melded together to create the ellyeahdehd sound. Part punk rock, folk, funk, reggae, prog rock, and metal. Our upcoming record, “YEAH DEHD” almost sounds like a compilation. We are genuine music lovers and absolutely love what we’re creating. 

Yeah Dehd!


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